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 Smileys in Posts

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Little Miss Naughty (In Denial)
Little Miss Naughty (In Denial)

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PostSubject: Smileys in Posts   Smileys in Posts Icon_minitimeThu 13 Aug 2009, 15:15

You can copy the code for additional smileys and use on this forum from here:

Lots of extra smileys (use the IMG code in square brackets)

Smileys in Posts Rainbowf

If you've got a favourite I can add it to the main bank Smileys in Posts Clap

To copy a smiley from the link I posted above, do the following:

1. Go to where the smileys are.

2. Click the -[img]- link next to the smiley you want to copy (it must be the IMG link in square brackets).

3. The selected link should go black to show it's selected. Press Ctrl + C to copy the link.

4. Switch back to the message on here and click where you want your smiley to appear in your message.

5. Press Ctrl + V to paste (you won't see the smiley until you post, you will just see the long link text).

You can also right click and choose copy/paste instead of using a keystroke if you wish Smileys in Posts 894309

Some more smiley sites here:

You can always save your favourites into a site like Photobucket, so you can use them when you like or ask me to add them to the main bank of smileys we have on here.
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Smileys in Posts
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